Sunday, 18 March 2012

A week at Pasir Gudang ;-)

Hyeeee. How was your day? Mine was good... Cuti seminggu ni me and umi decided to sleep over at Pasir Gudang. At my uncle's house.. It was okay there. Not so boring. Because sometime they bring us going jalan jalan. Hehehe

Kerja aku hari-hari tidur, makan, online, tengok tv.... Sometimes pagi-pagi umi asked me to vacuum and me just do it with hati yang ikhlas. Without any excuse hehe lols. Tu jelah kerja yang aku boleh buat. Nak masak tak reti hehe. But if i just cook for myself i can lah. If cooked for others also can. But you know it will be tasteless haha.

And at there, I just eat, eat and eat. Food always by my side haha lol. Thats why my body was become like..... cute giant. Hehehe. And cik faiz's nephew also sleep over there. They're all boys. Cute boys. *Tangan dibahu mata keatas* Especially a boy who name Dayat. Hahaha he's cute and always know to play all the time. And my uncle always love to kacau him. Hehehe funny moment.

Masa hari jumaat, after pergi kubur semua. We're going to Stadium because cik kob nak pergi check apa tah. And that moment Johor fc's player pun tengah training. Actually diaorang dah habis training. Tapi still dapat jumpa diorang *Proud face* And unforget moment when umi said 'hye' to one of the player and that player smiled at umi hehehe. Jealous much hahaha. Umi always like that. I love her forever~

And what else huh? I forget already..Haiyooo nyanyuk -..- Thats all I think that I wanna share with you all. Thats all. And now I wears shawl, pashmina randomly because lazy to belit sana belit sini. Sometimes I just waste my time to wear hijabs. Not sometime but all the time~~~ Thats why I prefer to wear tudung bawal when Im going out. It easy and light to wear. Sometime i love to wear like Dian Pelangi style. Simple and nice. Like this!

Hehehehe thank you for reading xx

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