Saturday, 14 April 2012

Formspring kononsssss

What is your full name?
Nur Zurain Binti Hasman Hadi

What is your nickname?
At home, kakak. At school, zurain or ain. My bestfriend call me mek mok.

Why people call you like that?
Hm mek is stand for kelantan girl and mok is stand for gemuk. So that become 'mekmok' Hehehehe

Who is your boyfriend now?
Hmmmm Lee Yong Dae. Hehehehe

Who is your crush now?
Hm Idk, because my heart is just for Lee Yong Dae cewahhhh *Tahan muntah*

Who is your bestfriend?
Of course WG and they are chunk, aisyah, ayu and ain. I love em' so much.

Who is most important person in your life?
My umi. She is my everything. I dont want to lost her even a second.

Because she's is the one who always be there for me. She is my shoulder.

What you want to be?
I want to be a successfull women in the future. Insyallah amin..

Hm setakat ni je soalan yang ada diminda, soalan lain next time k? K....

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